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Red box - glass

Every other week, you will need to put out your red box containing glass for recycling

What can I put in my red box? 

  • Green, blue, brown, clear, beer, wine and spirit bottles.
  • Glass jam jars and other food jars

What cannot be included?

  • Drinking glasses, ceramics or porcelain, Vision or Pyrex cookware, light bulbs, mirrors, windows, windscreens, plastic bottles, painted bottles
  • Broken glass (please double wrap in newspaper and place in black sack)

If you have recently moved into Brentwood and need recycling receptacles and a collection calendar, visit Moving In/Out and complete our online form.

Need another reusable recycling sack, food waste caddy or red box for glass?

Please complete our online form below:

Not sure when to present your red box?

Check your collection calendar using the collection day map or register for our SMS reminder service.

Report a missed collection