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Household waste

Household waste (refuse) collection

All bagged household waste must only be placed out for collection on the designated collection day and left on the kerbside at the front of the property or we will assume you do not need a collection. Please use black sacks only; as the use of any other colour may result in your waste not being collected as it may be assumed it contains recyclables or garden waste.

All domestic household properties in the Brentwood area receive a weekly refuse pick up. To find your Refuse Collection Day, use the collection day map.

Your household waste needs to be placed out for collection on the specified day. 

Refuse must be available from 7:30am (collection times may vary). You shouldn't place refuse sacks on the kerb side prior to your collection day due to animals scavenging the black sacks and causing litter issues.

Recyclable items

You should put recyclable items in the appropriate recycling container. Further information can be found in the Recycling section of the website.

Large items

Large household items can be collected for a charge. for further information or to arrange a bulky household collection online, please go to the the Bulky Waste Collection page.

Missed collection

You can report a missed collection online.

SMS text reminders

Receive SMS text reminders the day before your recycling collection or for notifications of changes to your refuse or recycling collection day.

Wheeled bins

Residents that choose to present their general waste in a wheeled bin must use standard size refuse sacks and not for example carrier bags or wheeled bin liners.

Wheeled bins will not as a rule be mechanically tipped, however, it may be necessary for the bin to be tipped on occasions due to unforeseen circumstances. If this is necessary Brentwood Borough Council shall not be liable for any loss or damage as a result of tipping your wheeled bin.

Do not use brown wheeled bins as these are for use of Garden Waste only.

Dry co-mingled recyclables or mixed glass presented in wheeled bins will not be collected.

‘Permission to tip' stickers previously issued by Brentwood Borough Council are no longer valid.

Assisted household refuse collections

If you are unable to place your bagged household waste on the kerbside for collection due to being housebound and/or elderly or infirm and there is no other able bodied person living at home with you, you can apply for an assisted service.

How to apply

Complete our on line form below, stating the reason why you need assisted service and where you want to place your bin, such as in front of property, side of property. Once your application is received it may be necessary for an officer from the Council to visit you to ensure the bins are accessible for collection.

Clinical waste

Household clinical waste collection is currently a free service for those residents who self-medicate in their own home.

Waste produced whilst receiving care from a health practitioner – such as, a nurse or a doctor – must be removed for disposal by the health practitioner.

Household clinical waste is hazardous and is only permitted to be collected by an authorised waste carrier for clinical waste or removed by your nurse, or doctor, for disposal. It is not permissible to mix household clinical waste in with your general household waste. 

Please read the following definitions to accurately identify the classification of your waste:

Offensive waste is non-infectious and can be mixed with your general household waste: e.g. human waste, incontinence pads, catheter and stoma bags, nappies, sanitary waste, plasters and medical items of disposable equipment (e.g. gowns). Ensure such waste is appropriately wrapped and free from excess liquid. If more than one refuse size sack is produced weekly, could you please apply for a clinical waste collection.

Clinical waste is hazardous waste. It is waste generated at home that could contain infected human tissue, infected blood or bodily fluids, drugs or other pharmaceutical products, infected swabs or dressings, syringes, needles or other sharp instruments.

Should you require a household clinical waste collection, please request your General Practitioner to complete the Referral Form pdf and upload it when you complete the on-line form below. . Alternatively you can contact the Council and ask to have the Request and Referral Forms sent to you by post.

Upon receipt of both documents the Council will arrange for the Contractor to contact you, in order to commence collections.

One off collection

A one off collection can be arranged for clinical waste; complete the Request Form only. Completion of the Referral Form is not necessary.

Unused medicines should be returned to your pharmacy or dispensary for safe disposal.