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Missed collection

For missed collections of Household Waste (Refuse) or Recycling, check that:

  • it was available from 7:30am on the correct collection day
  • it was placed at the kerbside at the front of your property
  • acceptable items were placed out for recycling on the correct day and in the correct containers
  • the crew was able to reach your collection and it wasn't blocked, for example, by a vehicle
  • the sacks weren't too heavy

The following are examples of waste that will not be collected as part of your refuse service:

  • Clinical waste
  • Garden waste
  • Loose waste
  • Bulky items
  • Dead domestic pets
  • Asbestos
  • Paint tins
  • Commercial waste
  • Cooking oil

Report a missed collection

Before reporting a missed collection, check that you have complied with the above requirements or whether a 'Sorry to Leave You' sticker has been placed on the receptacle. If there is, it may be because the wrong sack was put out, there was something inside that shouldn't be, orange sacks were placed out or the official Council sacks have not been used. Please rectify and place out on your next collection day.

We are unable to return and collect a missed collection if it hasn't been reported on the collection day or the following working day.

We aim to collect missed collections by the end of the next working day.

Recycling reminder service

Receive SMS text reminders the day before your recycling collection or for notifications of changes to your refuse or recycling collection day.