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  • Report a fly-tip, advice on what to do if you see someone fly-tipping, or pay a fly-tipping fixed penalty notice.

  • Would you like to help keep Brentwood tidy?

  • The Council has the power to protect trees with amenity value by granting a Tree Preservation Order.

  • Advice on animal care, how to report dog barking, fouling or straying, or lost and stray dogs.

  • BEBA supports companies who want to reduce their environmental impact.

  • The Council manages 26 countryside sites totalling 635 acres, including areas of common land, sites of special scientific interest, local nature reserves and local wildlife sites.

  • Advice on energy saving and climate change, and priority service during a power cut.

  • Find out more information about the Environment Strategy Consultation, questionnaires, FAQs and more.

  • The Council monitors the safety of food, its hygienic preparation, manufacture and sale by regular inspection and sampling in food premises.

  • The responsibility for controlling pests lies with the owner or occupier of the premises or land on which they are present.

  • Information on air and noise pollution, contaminated land and garden bonfires.

  • Problems with drains, sewers and water quality in private water supplies and swimming pools.

  • Find out how we keep our borough clean and green, advice on what to do if you spot graffiti or a fly-tip, or pay a fixed penalty notice.

  • Find out who is responsible for trees and hedges in the borough, tree preservation orders or make a complaint about a high hedge.

  • We are working with the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit to deal with issues caused by unauthorised encampments on Council and Parish Council land.