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White sack - cans and plastic

Every other week, you will need to put out your white recycling sack, containing cans and plastic for recycling. 

We do not accept plastic bags, film or polythene wrapping for recycling in your white sack. Please place these in your black sack.

What can I put in my white recycling sack?

  • Aerosol cans
  • Aluminium foil tops
  • Aluminium trays
  • Cans (food, lids inside)
  • Cans (drink, lids inside)
  • Foil (no foil pouches)
  • Foil trays (no food traces)
  • Food trays (ridged plastic) (no black trays or food traces)
  • Ice cream tubs (plastic)
  • Jar lids (metal)
  • Margarine tubs
  • Milk bottle tops (plastic) (replace lid on plastic bottles)
  • Plastic bottles (wash, squash & replace lids)
  • Shampoo and cosmetic bottles (plastic)
  • Tin foil
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Cleaning bottles (plastic)

Check our A-Z of Recycling for detailed information on what can be placed in your other recycling containers.

What cannot be included?

Only items listed above can be placed in your white sack. You should not place any other items in your white sack.

Why can we no longer recycle Tetrapak?

The MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) that we deliver our recyclables to no longer accept Tetrapak as a recyclable material, as is the case with many other MRF operators. Tetrapak is made up of layers of different material that are difficult to sort from other 3D containers. There is a secondary processor in the UK who shred the material to recover the fibre, but the LDPE and the aluminium content is lost as residual waste.  Last year, Tetrapak accounted for less than 1% of the dry recycling we collected, whereas paper and card can be up to 70% with cans and plastic at 20%. We are, however, constantly working with the MRFs to review the recyclables that are accepted as well as exploring alternative solutions to provide residents with the facility to recycle Tetrapak. We will keep our web pages updated with any changes.

Why aren't plastic bags accepted in the white sack?

The inclusion of household plastic film (including plastic bags) in kerbside collections is determined by the technical ability of the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) that sorts the recyclate. Plastic films present a number of technical challenges in the post collection sorting process, such as becoming entangled in equipment and causing blockages.  Outlets and markets for these materials are also not as developed as those for high value hard rigid plastics. We do, however, continually work with the MRF’s to update the recyclables that are accepted and will keep our website up to date.  Many large supermarkets provide the facility to recycle plastic bags within their stores and we would encourage residents to utilise these, where possible, or to seek alternative solutions to plastic carrier bags. 

Need another reusable recycling sack, food waste caddy or red box for glass?

Smaller white bags

Our white recycling bags are now available in a smaller version. The smaller bags are aimed at helping those who have difficulty managing the larger sacks.

The contents of the smaller bag can then be transferred to the standard white bag ready for presentation on the kerbside.  To order a smaller white bag, please complete our Order a Recycling Receptacle online form.

Not sure when your white week is or what else to put out on the same day?

Check your collection calendar, using the collection day map or register for our SMS reminder service.

Top tips

  1. make sure you place the specified materials loose and directly into the correct sack
  2. make sure all items in your sack are rinsed of food or drink traces and squashed
  3. only use the reusable recycling sacks supplied by us, as any other type will not be accepted
  4. always close the top of the sack to keep the contents dry
  5. put your items out for collection by 7:30am on your collection day
  6. view our How to Recycle video