Item Container
Aerosol cans White Sack
Aluminium foil tops White Sack
Aluminium trays White Sack
Apples (including apples fallen due to windfall) Food waste caddy
Asbestos Information on how to dispose of Asbestos



Item Container
Bags (plastic) Black Sack or Reuse
Batteries (household) Civic Amenity Site
Bed Sheets Civic Amenity Site or Textiles bag
Belts Textiles bag
Bicycle Civic Amenity site - scrap metal bank
Birthday Cards (no glitter) Blue Sack
Biscuit Tin Black Sack
Bones (cooked chicken, fish etc.) Food waste caddy
Books (hard and paperback) Charity Shop, Book Bank (Recycling site at The Depot, The Drive, Warley) or Civic Amenity Site
Bottle (glass) Red Box
Bottle (plastic) (wash, squash & replace lids) White Sack
Branches (small) Brown bin/Green Bio Sack
Bread packaging Black Sack
Bubble wrap Black Sack
Building materials- corrugated iron Civic Amenity site


Item Container
Candles Black Sack
Cans (food, lids inside) White Sack
Cans (drink, lids inside) White Sack
Cardboard Blue Sack
Carrier bags (plastic) Black Sack or Reuse
Cat food Black sack
Cat food packaging Black sack
Cat litter Black sack
CD Civic Amenity Site or Charity Shop
Cereal box Blue sack
Cereal inner packaging packets Black sack
Chicken carcass Food waste caddy
Chocolate boxes (cardboard) Blue sack
Chocolate sweet tray (plastic) Black sack
Christmas Cards (no glitter) Blue sack
Christmas decorations (baubles, tinsel etc.) Black sack
Christmas trees Brown bin/green sack
Cling film Black sack
Clinical Waste Information on how to dispose of clinical waste is available on the Clinical Waste web page
Clothes Textiles bag
Coat hanger (plastic) Black sack
Coat hanger (metal) Black sack
Coffee Beans Food waste caddy
Compost bags Black sack
Computer Freecycle, Computer AidReuse EssexCivic Amenity Site
Cooking Oil Civic Amenity site
Cotton Wool Black sack
Crisp packet Black sack
Crockery Black sack



Item Container
Dog food Black sack
Drinking glass Black sack (please wrap in newspaper)
Drinks cartons Black sack


Item Container
Electrical item (large) Civic Amenity Site or Special Collection
Electrical item (small) Civic Amenity Site or Recycling Site (The Depot, The Drive, Warley)
Envelopes Blue sack
Egg box (cardboard) Blue sack
Egg box (plastic) White sack
Egg shells Food waste caddy



Item Container
Face masks (PPE) Black sack
Facial wipes Black sack
Facial wipes packaging Black sack
Fat- cooking Black sack (within plastic bottle)
Fish bones Food waste caddy
Foil (no foil pouches) White sack
Foil trays (no food traces) White sack
Food trays (black plastic) (no food traces) Black sack
Food trays (clear & coloured plastic) (no food traces) White sack
Food wrapping e.g. cellophane, cling film Black sack
Fluorescent tubes Civic Amenity Site
Fridge/freezer Civic Amenity Site or Special Collection


Item Container
Glass (broken) Black sack (please wrap in newspaper)
Glass bottles & jars Red box
Glass window Civic Amenity Site
Grass cuttings Brown bin/green bio sack


Item Container
'J' cloths Black sack
Jar lids (metal) White sack
Jar lids (glass) Red box
Juice cartons Black sacks



Item Container
Kitchen roll Black sack
Kitchen roll cardboard tube Blue sack
Kitchen roll packaging Black sack



Item Container
Leaves Brown bin/green bio sack
Light bulbs (energy saving) Civic Amenity Site
Light bulbs (standard type) Civic Amenity Site or Black sack (please wrap in newspaper)



Item Container
Nails (metal) Black sack
Nail varnish bottle (clean) Red box
Nappies Black sack
Newspaper Blue sack



Item Container
Paint tins Civic Amenity Site
Papier mache Black sack
Paper plates (clean) Blue sack
Paper serviettes Black sack
Pen Black sack
Pencil Black sack
Photographs Black sack
Pizza boxes (no food traces) Blue sack
Plants Brown bin/green bio sack
Plastic bags (including clothing & parcel bags) Black sack or Reuse
Plastic bottles (wash, squash & replace lids) White sack
Plastic plant pots Black sack
Plastic/rubber gloves Black sack
Polystyrene Black sack
Potato peelings Food waste caddy
PPE face masks Black sack
Pringle tubes Black sack
Print toner Civic Amenity Site
Pumpkins Food waste caddy



Item Container
Saucepans Civic Amenity Site
Scourers Black sack
Sellotape Black sack
Shampoo bottles White sack
Shoes Textiles bag
Shopping bags (plastic) Black sack or Reuse
Shredded paper Black sack
Spectacles Vision Aid OverseasCivic Amenity Site
Straw - drinking (plastic & paper) Black sack
String/rope Black sack
Styrofoam food tray Black sack
Sweet tin Black sack
Sweet tray (plastic) Black sack



Item Container
Tablet pack (cardboard) Blue sack
Tablet pack (plastic insert) Black sack
Tea bags Food waste caddy
Telephone directory Blue sack
Tetrapak Black sack
Textiles and clothing Textiles bagCivic Amenity Site
Tin foil White sack
Tissue Black sack
Tissue box Blue sack
Tissue paper Black sack
Toilet roll tube Blue sack
Toilet roll packaging Black sack
Toothpaste tube Black sack
Towels Textiles bag
Turkey carcass Food waste caddy



Item Container
Vegetable peelings Food waste caddy
Video cassette tape Black sack


Item Container
Wallpaper (used or unused) Black sack
Weeds Brown bin/green bio sack
Wine cork Black sack
Window envelopes Blue sack
Wine glass Black sack (please wrap in newspaper)
Wipes (anti bac, cleaning, wet wipes, make-up etc) Black sack
Wipes packaging Black sack
Wrapping paper Black sack


Item Container
X-Ray scans Black sack


Item Container
Yellow pages Blue sack
Yoghurt pots White sack