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Road closures

If you're holding a special event such as a parade or social gathering and would like to close the road, you will need permission. Approval must be sought from the Police and the Council and a legal order must be made before a road can be closed.

We can grant permission for some events such as processions or charity parades, but this depends on the nature, size and specific details of each event.

These points must be taken into consideration when applying for a road closure:

  • If you are organising an event which may require a temporary road closure you must inform key authorities, including the Police and the Council
  • If the closure is required for a parade or march, it may take the form of a rolling closure which would require a police escort
  • The event organiser is wholly responsible for the safety of the event including the safe temporary closure of any roads
  • Signs and barriers will be required to warn traffic of the closure on the day as well as advance warning signs of the intended closure
  • The organiser or applicant must provide us with proof of public liability insurance to the value of £10 million and would be responsible for any third party liability claims that may arise due to the event
  • It's recommended that you consult with residents and businesses that may be affected by the closure as soon as possible

Closures such as long term stoppage of traffic, reversal of traffic flow or closure of major through roads will require a Traffic Order, which can only be granted by Essex County Council.

A minimum notice of 12 weeks will be required for any closure.

Apply for a road closure

The applicant assumes full responsibility for all requirements including notification of key authorities, bus and taxi companies, local residents and businesses that may be affected and all road signage.

No closure will be considered until a valid application has been received (minimum notice of 12 weeks from date of receipt), along with documentation and the appropriate fee.

Applications received with less than 12 weeks notice may not be processed in time, which could mean that the application is refused.

Details of the fees and copy of the application form to download and print can be found in the Road Closure Policy (PDF). You can also apply online.