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Advice on organising an event

Brentwood Safety Advisory Group

If you are planning a larger scale community event, such as a community fair, festival or charity fun run, you should contact the Brentwood Safety Advisory Group for advice. The Group consists of representatives of key services, such as the Police and Essex Fire and Rescue, who can advise you on health and safety matters concerning your event. The group meets on a regular basis and you will need to attend one of these meetings and submit your Event Management Plan, including a Risk Assessment.

For more information, visit Safety Advisory Group.

Health and safety

Useful guidance on running an event safely can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Holding an event in a Brentwood park

Permission must be sought from the Council to hold events such as outdoor keep fit classes, boot camp, charity walks and family fun days in the parks in Brentwood. Please go to the Parks Events web page for further information and to find out how to apply for permission.

Please note: For permission to hold an event in Thorndon or South Weald country parks please contact Essex County Council.

To hire land at the Brentwood Centre please contact

Large events

If you think that the event you are organizing will impact on local roads with possible traffic congestion due to the number of people expected to attend, the Brentwood Borough Council Safety Advisory Group can provide advice and guidance.

The panel is made up of Council Officers from a number of departments, Police, Essex Highways and will look at Health and Safety, Licensing, Noise, Food Safety and emergency procedures.


The Licensing Act 2003 does not require a licence at a private event for entertainment, provided that no charge is being made other than to cover the cost of performers etc. You will only need a licence if you plan to sell alcohol, charge for music and dancing in order to make money or if you hold an event open to the public. 

Further information on the types of licences and how to apply can be found in the Licensing section of this website.


If you wish to carry out any activities on the Chapel Ruins site in the centre of Brentwood High Street, you must make a request in writing to:

Father Colin Hewitt, St Thomas’ Church, St Thomas’ Road, Brentwood. CM14 4DF

Street party

The Government publishes useful guidance on Organising a Street Party.

Streets Alive and The Big Lunch are websites that also provide information to help you plan your street party.

Road Closure - You can go to the TraffWeb website to find out if your road is defined as a local road and can be considered for closure.

For further information or if you wish to apply for a road closure in Brentwood please view our Road Closure web page.

Road signs - The Streets Alive website gives advice about signs.

Bunting - Essex Highways does not need to give permission for ordinary lightweight bunting. It can be hung from windows, trees, lamp columns or guttering. However consider your own health and safety risks when putting up bunting. Again, the Streets Alive website has some good ideas.

Public Liability insurance - For local roads, once all residents have been informed, it is not considered essential for public liability insurance to be taken out. If organisers are concerned about this, the Streets Alive website has some really good tips. Quotes for insurance can start from as little as £50.

Serving food - You do not need a Food Hygiene Certificate for an ordinary street party where food and drink is not being sold. However food safety is important and advice can be found in the Food safety section of this website and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website. If you plan to sell food, you will need to contact to ascertain which documents and certification you may need to provide.

The NHS Choices website has practical tips on how to prepare and cook food safely.

Temporary Event Notices

An authorisation is required when you provide or offer licensable activities such as sale or supply of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment and/or provision of late night refreshment. Further information on Temporary Event Notices and how to apply can be found on the Temporary Event Notices web page.