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Street naming and numbering

Street naming and numbering is a statutory duty of the Council and as the commissioner of addresses it is the duty of the Council to ensure that the process is completed correctly and consistently.

We adopted the Street Naming and Numbering Policy in October 2012. The policy gives transparency to the processes to make sure there is equal and fair treatment of all applicants of the service.

The service has administration fees to cover the costs associated with the service. Details of the charges and all associated information regarding the service can be found in the Street Naming and Numbering Policy (PDF).

For more information, view our frequently asked questions:

To apply to change a house name on a property, or Name/Number a new development, you should complete one of the online forms.

Who is responsible for postcode and postal delivery issues?

Royal Mail is responsible for postcode allocations and postal deliveries so any queries should be directed to:

Address Management Unit,
Royal Mail,
Admiral House,
2 Admiral Way,
Doxford International Business Park,

Tel: 08457 740 740

Searches for postcodes can also be carried out on the Royal Mail Website:

To report damage to a street nameplate please complete our online form below: