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Highways rangers

Highways Rangers deliver immediate improvements to the road and path network in Brentwood. They are out and about around Brentwood on a daily basis.

  • The Rangers work to the requirements of the Highways and Parking Panel, integrating and coordinating work programmes with Brentwood Borough Council’s existing highways and street scene maintenance operatives
  • Rangers carry out a wide variety of day to day maintenance tasks such as clearing and recycling untidy areas, sign cleaning, removing unlawful signs, street clutter, clearing over growth, weeding, hedge trimming, simple road repairs, responding to emergencies and many other tasks
  • The Rangers are clearly recognisable and approachable to the public and wear uniforms and drive to their work in liveried vehicles

Highway enhancements
Overgrown vegetation, poor roadside drainage or fly tips. Brentwood Borough Council wants to know of any area of the Borough that needs the Highways Rangers’ attention.

Highways Rangers drive around the Borough undertaking on the spot repairs, maintenance and improvements as they go.

Your suggestions for highway improvements in your ward, such as weeding pavements, clearing gullies, cutting grass and cleaning street furniture, should be made to Essex Highways on 0345 603 7631 (will be answered both inside and outside of working hours).