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Brentwood Borough Council arranges the removal of graffiti from Council owned land and property.

Graffiti on surfaces such as brickwork is normally removed by the use of chemicals and/or pressure washing, whilst graffiti on fences and painted surfaces is normally painted over to obscure it. 

If you have a problem with graffiti on Council property, please report it to us:

or call us 01277 312500.

Please make sure that you provide details of the graffiti and what part of the property/surface it is on.

You can also use the on line form to report graffiti on street furniture or public utility property.

Graffiti on Brentwood Borough Council housing properties

If you are a tenant of Brentwood Borough Council wishing to notify the Council of graffiti on Council Housing, please contact the Housing Service direct by telephoning 01277 312500.

Pay a graffiti fixed penalty notice

You can pay a fixed penalty notice for graffiti by completing the payment form:

Further information

Further details about the Council's Street Cleansing Services can be found on the following pages:

You can also find information about the Council's Community Safety Team by following the links below: