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Pest control

Brentwood Borough Council no longer operates a pest control service.

The responsibility for controlling pests lies with the owner or occupier of the premises or land on which they are present. Residents who have a particular problem are advised to contact a specialist pest control contractor. The Council may take enforcement action under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 if rats are nesting on land or premises.

To assist you in selecting a suitable contractor we have provided links to Buy with Confidence, Yellow Pages and Thompson Local, thereby ensuring you always have access to the most up to date details of available contractors.

Honey bees

Honey bees are not considered as pests. They provide a vital environmental function in that they pollinate flowers and plants. Bee populations are increasingly under pressure. If you are being troubled by bees then rather than have them destroyed a bee keeper may be interested in taking the colony. The following link will take you to the Essex Beekeepers' Association.

The Council wishes to make it clear that in providing a list of local contractors this does not in any way offer any recommendation as to their quality or suitability and merely provides the list by way of assistance. Residents are advised in choosing to use any of the contractors on the list to carry out necessary checks beforehand.

It is recommended that you ascertain in advance of agreeing for any work to be undertaken the cost of that works and extent of the service. You are also advised to obtain a minimum of two quotes. Bear in mind that each contractor will have a different basis of charging.

The Council will not be liable in any way for damages howsoever they arise in connection with anybody using any contractor on this list in any way.

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