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Consultation - Major Works Payment Policy

Proposed Major Works Payment Policy for leaseholders to review and comment on

Why are Brentwood Borough Council reviewing the Major Works Payment Policy?

Over the last few months, the housing service has had an increased focus on improving and reviewing the stock condition information to enable us to create a 5-year planned maintenance programme.

This has highlighted, along with some recent major works projects, that there are more large projects coming that will affect leaseholders.

As a Leaseholder, the resident as part of their lease is responsible for paying for their apportionment of any major works projects. Historically these have been relatively low or have not been charged due to the pausing of the planned programmes.

In 2023, we saw an increase in section 20 notification of works to leaseholders and some of these were anticipating bills more than £20,000. Although we reviewed the Leasehold payment options policy in 2022, we have come to realise that due to the level of bills, the timescales attached to some of the payment options, may not be viable for a high number of leaseholders.

In addition to the above, we have also been approached by a higher-than-expected numbers of leaseholders asking if we will buy their property back due to financial concerns further highlighting that residents are struggling with the cost of living.

To assist with the financial pressures, we are proposing to review the payment options policy one year early to include additional options which we hope will ease the pressure.

The current Major Work Payment Policy and the proposed Major Works Payment Policy are within the consultation below for your reference.