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Right to buy

Who has the right to buy?

The Right to Buy gives most Council tenants the opportunity to buy their home with a discount off the full market value of the property. 

Secure tenants of Brentwood Borough Council can buy their Council home through the Right to Buy Scheme subject to certain conditions. There are costs involved in purchasing your home that we are unable to help you with such as:

  • mortgage repayments
  • leaseholder charges
  • building insurance
  • repairs and maintenance

You may also be charged fees for the necessary services of solicitors, valuers and surveyors. Before you consider purchasing we recommend you find the price of similar properties in your area. You can find out prices from the Land Registry website (House prices). You may have to pay a small charge for this information.

Who has the right to buy?

If you are a secure tenant you can usually buy your home through the Right to Buy Scheme subject to certain conditions.

You don't have the Right to Buy until you have been a public sector tenant (not a private tenant) for at least three years.

Previous public sector tenancies may also be taken into consideration, along with certain other criteria you will have to meet.

You can find more information on Thinking of buying your council property.

Right to buy discount

If you are eligible, you will qualify for a discount. The discount will be based on the current market value of your home. The discount starts at:

  • 35% between 3 and 5 years tenancy for houses and rising by 1% for each year you have been a tenant, to a maximum of 70%
  • 50% between 3 and 5 years tenancy for a flat and rising by 2% for each year you have been a tenant, to a maximum of 70%

Your discount cannot be greater than the maximum discount currently allowed by government which is £96,000 as of 6 April 2023.

If major repairs or improvements have been made to your home in the past, the purchase price may be affected. The discount may also be affected if you have previously purchased a social housing property with a discount.

Applying for right to buy

When returning your application form (RTB1) and in order to speed up the overall process we ask that you include:

  1. completed additional information form
  2. photo ID for all people wanting to purchase the property
  3. evidence that you have spoken with a mortgage advisor or bank to find out the maximum amount of money you could reasonably lend based on your current income. This is not a mortgage in principle and will not require a valuation of the property. If you are a cash buyer, you should provide evidence of the funds and where they are from.
  4. last 3 months bank statements for all accounts of all persons purchasing the property
  5. proof of address for at least the past 12 months for any non named tenant

Whilst this will not hold up the initial part of your Right to Buy, if not received, it will prevent any Section 125 offer of sale price being issued.

Once you have submitted your Right to Buy application, only emergency repairs will be carried out on your property.

For more information, visit Right to buy or view the Right to Buy Guide (PDF).

To apply, complete the Right to Buy Application Form (PDF) and the Right to Buy Application - Additional information form (PDF).

Once you have completed your forms, email them to or post to:

Town Hall
Ingrave Road
CM15 8AY