All businesses (except those which are exempt*) producing or serving food within the Borough of Brentwood receive a hygiene rating. This is the Food Standards Agency’s National Hygiene Rating Scheme whereby a hygiene rating between zero and five is awarded after each proactive food hygiene inspection undertaken by Brentwood Borough Council's Environmental Health Services.

The scheme is designed to help consumers decide where best to eat according to hygiene conditions and to provide an incentive to businesses to motivate them towards greater standards of hygiene and legal compliance.

The hygiene rating is based upon three criteria – hygiene, structure, and food safety management. These are the ‘compliance scores’. A formula is applied to these criteria to arrive at the hygiene score. Very good premises receive a rating of 5, ‘broadly compliant premises’ receive a rating of 3 or more. However, if the standard is very poor it will receive a score of zero. Food business operators gaining low scores will need to be mindful of the effects of meeting a lower standard. It may mean that potential customers decide to shop or eat elsewhere where standards are presumed better.

Where to find the rating for food premises

Anyone can check the hygiene rating given to food premises located within the Borough of Brentwood. The Food Standards Agency provides the rating for the premises based on the most recent food hygiene inspection.

*exempt premises include: producers, manufacturers such as cake makers, non-retail premises, food importers, food warehouses, breweries, egg packers, abattoirs, cold stores, confectioners, newsagents and childminders (this list is not exhaustive).


National guidance has been provided by the Food Standards Agency to assist local authorities in administering the Food Hygiene Rating scheme. This provides details on other aspects of the scheme which include; appeals, the ‘right to reply’ and requests for revisits and re-inspections.

If you are a food business and would like to make an appeal, comment on your inspection or request a re-rating, please complete the relevant form below:

Appeal your rating

Right to reply

Request to publish your rating immediately

Apply for a re-rating

Please note that food businesses requests for re-rating will be charged at £180