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Food poisoning

Campylobacter Food Poisoning

Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK. Around 4 of 5 cases of Campylobacter food poisoning come from contaminated poultry. The Food Standards Agency is trying to reduce the number of cases of Campylobacter by 50%.

The controls that food businesses and consumers alike can take are simple.

  1. Cover and chill raw chicken
  2. Don’t wash raw chicken
  3. Wash hands and utensils
  4. Cook chicken thoroughly.

The team have produced a safe method for Campylobacter pdf to be added to a food businesses Safer Food Better Business Pack.

Danger of food poisoning from E.Coli and its connection with raw meat and vegetables

As a consequence of Food Standards Agency guidance on E.Coli – Brentwood Borough Council Food Safety team have produced a fact-sheet for consumers pdf and a supplement for food businesses pdf, and the Safer Food Better Business Systems webpage.

For food businesses please read the supplement and complete it showing the controls you have in place. When you receive your next food hygiene inspection, the information you have recorded within it (which demonstrates the controls you have in place) may count towards your overall food hygiene rating.

You do not need to be alarmed about E.Coli but it is essential that consumers and owners of food businesses properly understand how things can go wrong leading to contamination of food by this organism. This organism can be fatal and this information provides lots of tips on control.