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Food premises registration

If you are a food business operator within Brentwood, you are required to register your business with us, 28 days before starting to trade.

Registration is free but is a legal requirement. Registered premises are inspected by Environmental Health Officers to ensure that food hygiene and safety requirements are met.

We also inspect premises registered outside of the Borough, such as mobile vehicles.

On receipt, we will acknowledge your application in writing and send you an 'Awaiting Inspection' Food Hygiene Ratings sticker.

An inspection by an Environmental Health Officer, will be completed within 28 days of opening. This is likely to be unannounced.

If the premises falls within the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, a food hygiene rating will be given at the time. 

Further information on food hygiene and the law is available from the Food Standards Agency.

Please call 01277 312500 or email for more information about food premises registration.