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Trees on highways

Essex County Council is responsible for the maintenance of trees on road verges in Brentwood and should be advised of any of the following situations:

  • Uprooting/Fallen trees
  • Structurally unsound trees
  • Broken, hanging or fallen branches
  • Trees proven to be implicated in subsidence/insurance claims
  • Dead, dying or diseased trees
  • Trees obscuring traffic signs or signals
  • Low branches obscuring the highway or footpath
  • Trees obscuring sight lines on the highway- impairing vision to motorists
  • Branches touching property
  • Branches overhanging property
  • Trees that are considered to be too large
  • Falling leaves or fruit
  • Falling blossom, sap or bird droppings
  • Trees blocking light or causing shade
  • Trees obstructing telephone wires

To report a problem regarding a tree on a highway please complete Essex County Council's Report a Highway Problem on line form or phone 0345 603 7631. Please note that you should make note of the reference number given as this will allow to track the progress of the issue.