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Tree preservation orders (TPOs)

Information about TPO's

Acting upon the instructions from the Council's Planning Department a Tree Preservation Order can be placed upon a worthy specimen of tree within the Borough if it is considered that the tree or trees are worthy of such an Order.

The decision is made based upon the health of the tree and its positioning in terms of its amenity in the locality.

There are four different types of Order that can be made in respect of individual trees, trees in an area, groups of trees and woodlands. 

If there would seem to be a possible threat or if a tree requires preservation for some other reason, instructions for the placing of a Provisional Order will be put together. 

The Order is then served upon the owner of the land upon which the tree is situated as well as those persons directly affected by the tree or trees, in order for those persons to raise an objection to the Order being made permanent. 

Objectors have a period of 28 days to lodge an objection and the closing date is specified on the paperwork sent out. Owners are also asked to provide details of their interest by way of a formal Notice which must be returned completed since it is a criminal offence not to do so. 

If there is an objection, the making of the Order will be resolved if possible by the Council Officers contacting the objector to try to resolve the matters of dispute and ultimately by being placed before the Licensing/Appeals Committee for Members of the Council to resolve. Members of the public can attend and speak at the meeting with prior notice and subject to the Chair’s discretion. 

The Committee may chose to confirm the Order as made provisionally, confirm it with modification or delete it. 

If there are no objections to the Provisional Order then it will be confirmed. A Provisional Order exists for a period of six months and will then either have to be confirmed or reserved.

Please note that the Council does not provide an advisory service for trees on private land. Details of approved tree surgeons in the local area can be found on the Arboricultural Association website.

To apply for tree works, go to the Planning Portal.

How to check if there is a TPO

We are working on creating a new map to check TPOs. The new map will be available soon. For information on TPOs, you can email

How to obtain a copy of a TPO

To get a copy of a TPO, you can use our online form. There is a charge of £16.90 per copy.

View submitted TPO applications

TPO applications that have been received can be viewed on our Public Access system: