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Conservation areas

The nature and size of conservation areas in the Borough varies considerably. They are all of special character or appearance and have historic or architectural interest that is worthy of preservation and enhancement.

Conservation area designation provides the Local Planning Authority with additional statutory powers affecting, for example, the demolition of buildings, works to trees and publicity procedures for planning applications and also places restrictions on permitted development rights.

There are currently 13 conservation areas, which contain a significant proportion of the Borough’s historic buildings. These are listed below. An up-to-date map of each can be viewed by clicking on the relevant area.

There may be constraints to consider if you are intending to undertake works to your property and it lies within a Conservation Area. You can check whether your property lies within a Conservation Area or the Green Belt by using the Council's 'My Property' information service.

Warning MyProperty is currently unavailable. For information about conservation areas, please email
TitleDate adopted (amended)Area (ha.)Type
Ingatestone High Street pdf27.11.1969 (17.09.1991 & 13.01.2010)8.5Village Centre
South Weald pdf02.11.1973 (22.07.1993)4.0Village Centre
Blackmore pdf12.12.197518.0Village Centre
Great Warley pdf12.12.1975 (22.07.1993 & 17.10.2012)4.0Village Centre
Herongate pdf12.12.1975 (17.10.2012)5.5Village Centre
Station Lane, Ingatestone pdf22.09.1981 (17.09.1991 & 13.01.2010)10.0Residential Area
Hutton Village pdf23.04.198630.0Residential Area
Fryerning pdf08.03.1991 (18.12.2013)25.0Village
Weald Park pdf22.07.1993212.0Historic Park and Garden
Thorndon Park pdf22.07.1993243.0Historic Park and Garden
Warley Place pdf22.07.199311.0Historic Park and Garden
Brentwood Town Centre * pdf01.03.2000 (13.01.2010)14.5Historic Town Centre
Highwood Hospital pdf12.07.20015.1Hospital
Conservation Areas in Brentwood Borough

* Brentwood Town Centre Conservation Area comprises the amalgamation of the three conservation areas of Wilson's Corner, Chapel and Hart Street.  

Conservation area appraisals

Local authorities not only have a duty to designate conservation areas, they are required to formulate policies and devise schemes for the preservation and enhancement of their character and appearance, and to keep them under review.

To this end, the Brentwood Replacement Local Plan set out the Council's intention to carry out appraisals for all the Borough's conservation areas, to clearly assess and define their character, allowing informed planning decisions and identification of what should be preserved and enhanced.

To date eight of the Borough’s 13 conservation areas have completed appraisals, all undertaken by Essex County Council’s historic buildings and conservation team. These appraisals can be viewed below:

Boundary changes

Since adoption of the Replacement Local Plan in 2005 changes have been made to several conservation area boundaries. These changes have been approved by the Council following consultation on the proposed amendments, which followed from recommendations made in the above appraisals.

Changes have been made to the boundaries of:

  • Brentwood Town Centre, Ingatestone Station Lane and Ingatestone High Street Conservation Areas (13 January 2010);
  • Great Warley and Herongate Conservation Areas (17 October 2012); and
  • Fryerning Conservation Area (18 December 2013).

These revised boundaries are included in the above up-to-date maps. Reports summarising the boundary change consultations can be viewed below: