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A Local List of Heritage Assets for Brentwood Borough

Brentwood Borough’s historic environment is well documented and protected through national designations, with 13 conservation areas and over 500 listed buildings. However, there are many other locally important heritage assets that do not meet the strict criteria for national designation.   

A Local List contains elements of the historic environment that are not already designated, but which still contribute to a sense of place, local distinctiveness and have local significance.

These are known as non-designated heritage assets, features which contribute to making a place special for local people. They carry history, traditions, stories and memories into the present day and add depth of meaning to a modern place. 

Local Lists of heritage assets recognise positive features within a neighbourhood and contribute to a planning tool that benefits the community, helping to highlight those places which give Brentwood its distinctive identity. 

We're working with a wide range of community groups including Parish Councils, local history and archaeological societies to help compile and maintain a Local List for the Borough, which in time will be available on this webpage. 

For more information about the Local List, see our FAQs (PDF).

How to nominate a heritage asset

The initial consultation period for nominations onto the Borough's Local List has now closed. The consultation ran for a 6 week period from the 10 March to 21 April 2022.

The Local Heritage List is a living document that will be open to amendment and future updates. There will be further opportunities to nominate a heritage asset for inclusion on the Local List, details of which will be published in due course.

What happens next?

Nominations for the Local List will go through an assessment process by accredited heritage specialists to see if they meet the standards for inclusion.

The assets that are selected will be recommended for inclusion on the Council's Local Heritage List. This list will be subject to formal adoption by the Council.

For more information about the Local List, email or call 01277 312 500.