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Taxi ranks

Brentwood and Shenfield 

We provide stands for hackney carriages at the following locations: 

  • St Thomas Road 
  • New Road 
  • Brentwood Station 
  • Shenfield Station (permit only available from the rail operator) 
  • Brentwood High Street (lay-by opposite The Sugar Hut part-time evening stand) 

Only taxis licensed by Brentwood Borough Council are authorised to ply for hire from these stands. 

The hackney carriage stand at Shenfield Station is provided by the rail operator and is not administered by Brentwood Borough Council. 

A feeder rank for the station is available on Hutton Road adjacent to the station entrance, which is administered by Brentwood Borough Council. 

The hackney carriage stands are there to provide local transportation and it is important that they are kept clear for taxis to use.  

It's an offence for other vehicles to park or wait on a designated hackney carriage stand. Our enforcement officers monitor the use of the stands and can take action, including prosecution, in appropriate cases. The maximum fine is £1,000.