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Registers of licences

Premises Licences

The information available to be viewed does not comprise the totality of information contained on the Licence or Certificate. If you wish to view any of other documentation available for public inspection, or are concerned over the accuracy or legibility of the documentation available from this source, then please contact the Licensing Authority immediately.

The register only shows details of granted licences & certificates, for applications which are still within the consultation process please view Premises Licences - Applications under consultation.

Personal Licence Holders

The register contains the details of all the personal licences granted by Brentwood Borough Council under the Licensing Act 2003. Only the name, licence number and dates of issue are published.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire

The Public Access register contains the details of all the licensed Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers, all Hackney Carriage vehicle licences and all Private Hire Operators and vehicles. Personal details of the licence holders will not be displayed.

Other licences

These are being added to the register over time, but if you wish to view a licence and it is not available to search for, please contact

View Licensing Public Access Register