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Archived Replacement Local Plan

WarningThe Brentwood Replacement Local Plan 2005 has now been replaced by the Brentwood Local Plan 2016-2033 and is no longer the development plan for the Borough. Please visit the Adopted page for further information.

The Brentwood Replacement Local Plan was formally adopted by the Council on 25 August 2005.

The Replacement Local Plan supersedes the first Adopted Brentwood Local Plan (adopted March 1995, with a First Alteration adopted in July 1997). The plan provides a comprehensive statement of land use policies and proposals for the Borough. This is the Borough's current development plan until replaced by the emerging Local Development Plan.

Compliance of current Local Plan with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was introduced in March 2012 and replaced previous government planning policy. A reference guide to compliance between the Brentwood Replacement Local Plan and the NPPF pdf.

Vehicle parking standards

At Policy, Performance & Resources Board on 9 March 2011, the Council resolved to formally adopt Essex County Council's new Vehicle Parking Standards. Parking Standards: Design and Good Practice 2009 pdf was adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) as of 10 March 2011.

The new standards replace those set out in Appendix 2 of the Brentwood Replacement Local Plan. The most significant change compared to the Council's previous standards is that residential parking standards will now be set as minimums rather than maximums.

Conservation area boundaries

Since publication of the Local Plan there have been amendments to some of the Conservation Area boundaries shown on the Proposals Maps.

Updated Conservation Area boundaries for Brentwood Town Centre, Ingatestone High Street and Ingatestone Station Lane can be viewed on the Conservation Areas page.

Saved policies

Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, policies in the Adopted Replacement Local Plan were automatically saved until replaced by the Local Development Plan for a period up to 3 years from adoption (in Brentwood's case to 24 August 2008). Local authorities had to seek the Secretary of State's approval to extend the saved period beyond 3 years.

To ensure there are no gaps in policy coverage prior to the Local Development Plan being adopted, in May 2008 the Council applied to the Secretary of State to save all but 24 of the Adopted Replacement Local Plan policies beyond the automatic 3 year period. The Secretary of State's Direction, setting out the full list of saved policies, was received on the 24 July 2008 and can be viewed below:

Saved Policies Direction pdf

In addition to the 24 policies not proposed to be saved by the Council (as these policies are covered by other saved policies, repeat national planning policy, or are no longer necessary due to changed circumstances), the Secretary of State has also deleted four further policies (H1, H13, IR7 and IR8). The full list of policies not saved beyond 24 August 2008 are:

  • H1 Residential Provision 1996 to 2011
  • H2 Housing Land Availability Monitor
  • H13 Permanent Sites for Gypsy Travellers
  • H18 Satellite Dishes
  • E3 BT Office Site
  • E7 Employment in Village Settlements Excluded from the Green Belt
  • S2 Retail Market
  • T4 Lorry Traffic in Residential and Inappropriate Roads
  • GB20 Garden Centres
  • GB21 Cemeteries
  • GB24 Golf Courses
  • GB28 Landscape Enhancement
  • LT7 Provision of Small Scale, Local Recreation, Leisure, Cultural and Entertainment Facilities
  • LT12 Proposals for Medical Uses
  • LT13 Footpaths and Cycleways in New Developments
  • LT14 Recreation Routes
  • LT17 Transit and Other Picnic Sites
  • LT18 Caravan/Camp Sites
  • C1 Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • C2 Local Nature Reserves
  • C13 New Development in the Lakeside Area, Ingatestone
  • IR1 Utility Providers
  • IR7 Development in Areas at Risk of Flooding
  • IR8 Surface Water Run-off
  • PC2 Hazardous Substances
  • PC3 Development in the Vicinity of Hazardous Substances
  • TC17 Open Space/Amenity Areas
  • TC18 New Cultural, Entertainment or Leisure Uses

The Replacement Local Plan can be viewed at the Town Hall and local libraries during normal opening hours.