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Types of search

If you are buying, leasing, valuing or re-mortgaging a property or piece of land, then it is essential you obtain all essential information to ensure you are seeing the full picture and as part of the Conveyancing process, a search of the Local Land Charges Register is undertaken.

The object of this search is to uncover any restrictions or plans that affect the land, such as planning consents, tree preservation orders, whether the land is within a conservation area or a building is listed, etc.

The Local Land Charges Register is held and maintained by the Land Charges team who are trained and experienced Council employees.

A Standard Local Authority Search usually comprises two elements, that of LLC1 (Official Certificate of Search) and the CON29.

LLC1 is search of the Local Land Charges Register, revealing such things as Enforcement Notices, Tree Preservation Orders, Smoke Control orders, various Agreements and conditional planning permissions.

CON29 is the required part of the standard enquiries and is undertaken as part of a full Local Search, revealing information including outstanding notices, nearby road schemes and planning and building control decisions.

CON29O consists of a further 19 optional questions, which can be requested in addition to or independently of, the standard Local Authority Search.

In addition, your Conveyancer may wish to ask his own questions in addition to any of the above Searches.  Please refer to the fees and charges page for current fees in this regard.

Submission of searches

  • Please submit the LLC1 Form and CON29 Forms in duplicate;
  • Please ensure you submit correct fees;
  • Ensure you provide full written description of the land/property being searched;
  • You should also submit two ordinance survey quality plans, clearly showing the boundaries of the land/property being searched, clearly edged in red on the accompanying plans

Personal search permits a personal inspection of the Local Land Charges Register.  Any person or agent will be given access to personally view the Local Land Charges Register.  In addition, any personal search agent or a member of the public are also entitled to request to inspect Public Registers held at the Council.

Please note that a personal search does not provide the information contained within CON29 Search.

Drainage and water searches

Brentwood is divided between two water companies, depending upon the address within the Borough.  These two companies are Thames Water and Anglian Water.  If you wish to carry out these searches you can contact the providers as follows:-

For Anglian Water, please contact Geodesys at

For Thames Water, please contact Thames Water at

Commons and village greens

An official search of the registers of Commons and Village Greens can be submitted to Brentwood Borough Council by completing CON29O form and selecting Optional Question 22.  There is a fee payable, which is set out in our fees and charges section.

The register of Common Land and Town and Village greens are available for public inspection at Essex Legal Services, Seax House, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1QH during office hours.   Please contact them on 0333 013 9993.

If copies of the Registered Entries are required, there is an administration fee payable, so please contact Essex County Council on 0333 013 9993 or e-mail