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Apply for a local land charges search

Warning Changes to Land Charges search requests
From 01 December 2021 the way you apply for a local land charges search will change. You will be able to make your request and payment through the MyBrentwood portal. The portal allows you to log in to your MyBrentwood account before making your request, see a record of your previous applications, as well as the other benefits.

Online: submit your official search by completing our online forms and by paying the requisite fees online.  This service will make requesting your searches more efficient and avoid unnecessary postal delays in terms of the search being received and returned electronically, thereby saving you time.

Many of our customers currently use NLIS-Hub to submit their searches to us electronically.  To find out more about NLIS, please visit their web-site at

Please be aware that NLIS Hub make a charge for using their facilities and to access their secure website, you will need to connect via a licensed channel provider. Currently, there are three licensed channels who charge an additional fee for their service. 

By post:  you can request your search by completing the LLC1 and/or CON29 Forms and sending them via the post or via the DX if you subscribe to this method of delivery. Your search needs to be accompanied by a plan of the land/property you wish to search and payment by cheque for the appropriate fee. Please refer to our Fees for current prices.

Our address is as follows: Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AY

Official searches are currently returned within 1-5 working days.