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Business waste

Business waste collections

Existing customers: Due to recent events surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, you can suspend your collections with immediate effect. Bins will remain at your current location and collections will resume only on your instructions. All charges will reflect the suspension.

New customers: We are not currently providing a recycling service for new customers. When the crisis is over, we will be offering a new recycling service, where we will be collecting paper and card, and cans and plastics, separately. Watch out for this new service which will be provided at incredibly low charges. To express your interest in this new scheme by completing the online enquiry form below and we will contact you with further details once we know when the collection service will be commencing.

Brentwood Borough Council's business waste collection service - a service dedicated to meeting your needs for the disposal of your waste

  • we offer a competitive waste service, with no hidden charges nor ties into lengthy contracts.
  • an attractive service for businesses that wish to reduce their costs, as well as to promote the environmental policy within their organisation.
  • we have a dedicated, professional and reliable team, which is committed to providing an excellent service.
  • we provide all the necessary paperwork, at no extra charge, to ensure that you are legally compliant with the waste duty of care.
  • payment can be made annually or by monthly instalments, as you prefer.
  • we know our district inside out and can respond quickly to your needs.
  • we can tailor your collection service to suit your business’s requirements and adjustments, that suit you, to your collections can be easily and quickly made.
  • the containers/sacks provided make it easy to store your waste in-between collections and vary in size to suit space allocation and volume of waste.

How we can help you

For further details and to arrange a visit please complete the following form:

Blue sacks

Blue sacks can be ordered and paid for by completing the form below. Delivery of orders will be within 10 working days:

Remember - All businesses, such as shops and offices, must manage their waste correctly. 'Your rubbish, your responsibility'. Refer to the Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice pdf for practical guidance.

Please do not ignore your responsibilities or you could face a £400 fixed penalty or fine

Bulky commercial waste collection service

Collections are currently taking place on a Tuesday.

Brentwood Borough Council provides a collection service for old, unusable items of furniture and other items. For further information and to arrange a bulky waste collection please go to our Bulky Waste Collections web page.

For the removal of several large items such as an office clearance, please telephone 01277 312500 to arrange for a free estimate. You do not have to have a business waste agreement with the Council to take advantage of this service.

School waste and recycling collection services

A competitive waste and recycling service is offered to all schools. Should you wish to raise a query or seek a quotation please complete the enquiry form below:

Schools who prefer to contain their dry recyclables in sacks, prior to placing in their contracted recycling containers, must only use the official purple recycling sack provided by the Council. They can be purchased by completing the form below. Delivery of orders will be within 10 working days.

Please note other coloured waste sacks may not be used: such as, black or orange sacks.

Please refer to the Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice pdf.

Further help and advice for business is available from WRAP

Business waste responsibilities

All businesses have responsibilities regarding the proper disposal of their waste.

The Council has produced a leaflet to help local businesses understand their obligations and the legal framework which governs commercial waste. 

The leaflet covers:

What to do if you produce waste, including

  • storage
  • waste removal contracts
  • waste transfer notes (WTN)
  • LoW codes

What to do if you remove waste, including

  • certificates of registration
  • waste transfer notes (WTN)
  • LoW codes
  • transfrontier shipment notes

You can download a copy of the leaflet:

Changing or cancelling your business waste contract

If you are an existing Business Waste Contract customer and you would like to make changes to your contract, please complete the form below:

Cancelling your business waste contract

If you would like to cancel your Business Waste Contract (Please be aware there is a notice period of 30 days):