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Building regulations scheme of charges (fees)

View the Scheme of charges (PDF) 

For queries, email or call 01277 312500.

Building regulation full plan applications

Where a full plan Building Regulation Application is deposited, a plan charge is payable at the time of deposit of the application. The correct fee must be received before the application can be accepted as deposited.

Following commencement of the work and the first inspection taking place, a single inspection charge is payable to cover the cost of all subsequent inspections.

Building Notices

Where a Building Notice is given, the charge is payable at the time of giving the Notice. The correct fee must be received before the notice can be accepted.

Building Notices cannot be submitted for buildings where people work or where they front a private road or where they are within 3 metres of a public sewer.

Disabled persons

In certain circumstances, there are exemptions from fees for works necessary for disabled persons. Advice given upon request.

Other charges (regularisation, reversions or repetitive work)

For regularisation of works that have been carried out without Building Regulations consent and require retrospective consent, please speak direct to Building Control for advice on fees.