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Brentwood Community Safety Partnership

Under the Crime & Disorder Act 1998, Community Safety Partnerships are required to work together in formulating and implementing strategies to tackle local crime and disorder and reduce reoffending in the area and to have in place a partnership plan setting out their priorities.

To ensure that the partnership is proactive and well informed we carry out an annual Strategic Intelligence Assessment to review existing priorities and identify any new or emerging priorities that the partnership should focus on.

The Partnership Plan takes forward the priorities identified by residents and data from the strategic intelligence assessment and sets out how the partnership will work together over the next twelve months to tackle crime and disorder and achieve its priorities.

This plan also has regard to the police and crime objectives set out in the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners (PFCC) Police and Crime Plan, as well as the Fire and Rescue Plan.

Our partnership promise:

We are committed to delivering local solutions to local problems that have been identified by local people.

Tell us your views

Each year the partnership is required to carry out a Strategic Assessment. The aim of the Strategic Assessment is to establish an accurate picture of past, current and emerging trends of crime and disorder and risks that impact upon the Borough and the communities it serves. It is an important part of the process to hear residents views and what is important to you. This is your opportunity to put your views across and to help to ‘Make a Difference,’ in your community!

Report an incident of underage sales or unlicensed activity

To report an incident of underage sales or unlicensed activity, please follow the link below:

Underage Sales and Unlicensed Activity