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Blue badge scheme

Administered by Essex County Council, the Blue Badge scheme allows parking concessions for people with a disability. We are committed to making parking facilities as easy to use as possible for everybody.

A permanent or substantial disability means there is no possibility of development or rehabilitation or there are major consequences for the person in some form, with more than one of the essential activities needed for daily living, but mainly in regard to mobility.

In addition to the parking concessions the badge holder is entitled to, we also allows blue badge holders to park all day in residents' parking bays, limited waiting bays and for a free period of three hours' in non-barrier controlled car parks.

Dedicated bays for disabled badge holders are provided in most of the public car parks.

Parking is free for Blue Badge holders in our Pay and Display car parks for a maximum period of three hours, except for Coptfold Road Multi-storey.

If you come across anything about our car parks that makes life difficult for customers with mobility problems, or if you have any suggestions to help us to make our services more accessible, email or call 01277 312500.

For more information, call 0345 603 7630.