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Air pollution

The Environmental Health Service deals with a wide range of issues that affect the health and welfare of people who live and work in Brentwood.

Air pollution continues to be a problem and arises from domestic, commercial and industrial premises as well as cars and other transport. Sulphur dioxide, ozone, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides are the main pollutants.

The Environmental Health Service carries out monitoring of certain air pollutants using specialist equipment in various sites around the Borough. An assessment and review of air pollution against the national air quality objectives has been undertaken and air quality management areas have now been declared.

The Service also has particular responsibility for issuing and monitoring authorisations to control pollution from certain industrial and commercial processes under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and also deals with more common problems such as bonfires and odour complaints.

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The Environmental Health Service can also control excessive dust from construction sites in the Borough. You can download the 'Considerate Contractor Advice Note' from the link below:

If you are experiencing a problem with dust or grit emissions and wish to make a complaint, please call 01277 312500 with the following details:

  • the nature of the problem
  • how often it occurs
  • where it is coming from
  • your name, address and daytime telephone number