Brentwood’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG) has been established in line with best practice to provide advice and guidance for events that take place across the borough of Brentwood.

The Terms of Reference for the SAG provides details of membership and the objectives of the group.

If you are thinking of holding an event in Brentwood that is a public event and is likely to attract in excess of 500 people, then you should submit an Event Management Plan (EMP) to the SAG for review.

An Event Management Plan template pdf is available for use. We strongly recommend that an EMP is prepared in line with the industry guidance, The Purple Guide.

It is likely that as part of the review process, event organisers will be asked to attend a meeting with SAG representatives to discuss the event and receive feedback.

It is recommended that an EMP is submitted to the SAG at least 6 months before the event, or 12 months where the expected capacity exceeds 2000 people.

For further advice or to submit an Event Management Plan, please email