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Town twinning

Brentwood has the pleasure of being twinned with two of Europe's most beautiful towns, Montbazon in France and Roth in Germany.

Montbazon, FranceMontbazon

A second town twinning link was forged by Brentwood with the French town of Montbazon on 19 March 1994. Montbazon lies some 230km south of Paris and 10km south of the city Tours in the valley of the River Indre, just south of the Loire Valley and is a small picturesque town that was home to the writer Balzac.

Montbazon is the main centre of a district of 19,500 inhabitants, compromising five communities in the valley and two on the plateau. It has the Chateau d'Artigny, built at the turn of the century as family home for the Coty family and now one of Frances finest hotels and is where the exclusive perfume Kenzo is made.

Membership of the Brentwood/Montbazon Town Twinning Association is open to all residents and organisations in Brentwood and also to non-residents interested in taking part in the Association.

For more information, visit Brentwood/Montbazon Town Twinning Association, view the Facebook page or email

Roth, GermanyRoth

Brentwood has been officially twinned with the German District of Roth in Bavaria since August 1978.

In order to promote the link between the two Districts, local organisations in Brentwood, in conjunction with Brentwood Borough Council, have established the Brentwood-Landkreis Roth Twinning Association. The Association arranges exchange visits and provides information, talks and social events assisted by Brentwood Borough Council.

Many exchange visits have taken place during the years of town twinning and they have done much to further the relationship with Roth. Membership of the Association is open to all residents of the Brentwood Borough and an Associate Membership is available to local organisations, clubs and schools. For more details please contact Jane Winter by emailing

For more information, visit Brentwood-Landkreis Roth Twinning Association.