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Our strategies

Our Values

The Council's values are:

  • Belong
  • Innovate
  • Nurture
  • Trust

Corporate Strategy 2020-25

Brentwood 2025 is the Council's Corporate Strategy for 2020-2025. This document is our masterplan, with an annual review completed each year to review our previous years' objectives and set objectives for the coming year.

Our five priority areas, as set out in the strategy, are:

  • Growing our economy
  • Protecting our environment
  • Developing our communities
  • Improving housing
  • Delivering an efficient and effective council

Our progress against the strategy is continually monitored by senior managers and relevant committees.

Growing our economy

Economic Development Strategy

Brentwood is a thriving borough that welcomes a wealth of business and culture. We have a proactive attitude to growth that maintains the spirit of our borough’s character – the reason why so many people choose to live and work here. Brentwood Borough Council is leading that vision, directly delivering growth, setting an example for quality and innovation.

Economic Development Strategy 2021-2025 (PDF)

Parking Strategy

The Parking Strategy seeks to support the local economy through the provision of parking that is affordable and suitable, encourage the right parking behaviours and support the Council’s environmental direction towards carbon neutrality by 2040.

Parking Strategy 2022-32 (PDF)

Protecting our environment  

Environment Strategy

The Climate Change Act (2008) highlighted the UK’s aim to become carbon neutral by 2050. This plan identifies the key changes which need to be made to reduce Brentwood Borough’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Environment Strategy 2023 - 2026 (PDF)

Contaminated Land Strategy

The Contaminated Land Strategy is required under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 78B.

Contaminated Land Strategy 2003 (PDF)

Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Essex

The Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (JMWMS) has been developed by the thirteen waste authorities of Essex, comprising Essex County Council, as the Waste Disposal Authority (WDA), and the twelve District and Borough Councils, as the Waste Collection Authorities (WCAs), in Essex. It constitutes a 25-year plan for the future of recycling and waste management in Essex.

Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Essex 2007-2032 (PDF)

Developing our communities

Built Sports Facilities Strategy

The Built Sports Facility Strategy provides recommendations for future sports facility development across the Borough.

Brentwood Borough Council Built Facilities Strategy 2018-2033 (PDF)

Equality and Diversity Strategy

This strategy sets out our Equality and Diversity Objectives and how we intend to achieve them both as a provider of services and as a key employer within our borough.

Brentwood Corporate Equality and Diversity Strategy 2010 (PDF)

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Brentwood Health and Wellbeing Board is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of borough residents and communities and reducing health inequalities by working towards three key priorities.

  • Reducing the prevalence of adult and child obesity
  • Reduce social isolation across the generations
  • Improving our ability to Age Well
  • Supporting everyone to Start Well

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-23 (PDF)

Leisure Strategy

The Government and Sport England recognise the importance that physical activity has on the health and wellbeing of children and young people. The vision for the Council is that strategically the Council needs to ensure that its leisure facilities will be of high quality, sustainable in the future, and that they broaden their impact on improving community health.

Leisure Strategy 2021-2028 (PDF)

Play Area Strategy

The five-year Play Area Strategy sits under the Council’s overarching Leisure Strategy as a separate workstream.

Play Area Strategy 2019-24 (PDF)

Play Pitch Strategy

The Playing Pitch Strategy determines whether the current supply of outdoor sports facilities within the Borough is sufficient to support the current and future demands of sport.

Brentwood Borough Council Play Pitch Strategy 2018-2033 (PDF)

Voluntary, Faith and Community Sector Support Strategy 2021-2026

The Voluntary, Faith and Community Sector Support Strategy outlines the Borough Council’s relationship with the VFCS and will determine ways in which we can strengthen and develop it to be more responsive and flexible, to enable effective support where it is most needed, whilst making the best use of resources to deliver high quality, value for money services.

Voluntary, Faith and Community Sector Support Strategy 2021-2026 (PDF)

Improving housing

Empty Homes Strategy

The Empty Homes Strategy aims to identify the causes of empty properties, why they remain empty and a clear action plan showing how we intend to reduce this number. The overarching aim of this strategy is to help alleviate the housing need within the district, to offer wider housing choice to residents and to reduce the detrimental effect empty properties can have within the community.

Empty Homes Strategy 2021-26 (PDF)

Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy

Homelessness is a growing issue throughout England. It is important as a Local Authority to work towards achieving the best possible outcomes for customers at a time of limited resources and increasing challenges.

Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020-25 (PDF)

Housing Strategy

A key priority for Brentwood is to improve housing and to provide access to a range of decent homes that meet local needs. We want the new housing strategy to provide a flagship housing service in the Borough, with effective partnerships in place to deliver this. This Housing Strategy sets out how the vision for housing in Brentwood is delivered.

Housing Strategy 2021-2026 (PDF)

Resident Engagement Strategy

The Resident Engagement Strategy sets out how the Council intends to engage with its tenants and leaseholders and the people who live in the communities to which the Council has responsibilities towards, both as a landlord and as a registered provider of social housing.

Resident Engagement Strategy 2022-27 (PDF)

Service Charge Strategy

This strategy is intended to provide a more transparent set of procedures and service standards to underpin our focus and commitment to tenants and leaseholders.

Service Charge Strategy 2017-2020 (PDF)

Tenancy Strategy

The Tenancy Strategy sets out the Council’s position on the length of tenancies that should be let in the borough, with the aim of ensuring the best use of the existing stock and for the tenancies let in new homes. This strategy covers both the tenancies that the Council will provide (as a public registered provider of housing) and how private registered providers (such as housing associations) are expected to provide tenancies in the Borough.

Tenancy Strategy 2021-2026 (PDF)

Delivering an effective and efficient council

Corporate Asset Strategy

The Corporate Asset Strategy ensures that all assets in the ownership of the council are put to the best use for the benefit of our residents in the most sustainable way for the council. This document summarises the approach and underlying principles Brentwood Borough Council will utilise for the strategic management of its land and buildings.

Corporate Asset Strategy 2022-25 (PDF)

Digital Strategy

Our Digital Transformation Strategy focuses on the re-imagining of 3 key areas:

  • Customer Experience
  • Data, Security and Process
  • Employee Experience

Digital Strategy 2020-2025 (PDF)

Procurement Strategy

The Procurement Strategy details how strategic procurement can support the Council’s Corporate priorities for the borough, of enabling economic growth, environmental protection, community development, and housing improvement. A fully integrated procurement function can support the Council to deliver substantive savings, increased efficiencies and improvements in services.

Procurement Strategy 2020-25 (PDF)