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Corporate Peer Review

In November 2021, we were pleased to welcome a Peer Review Team from the Local Government Association to conduct a Corporate Peer Challenge. Corporate Peer Challenges are conducted by experienced Member and Office peers from across local government who are chosen to reflect the requirements and focus of the review. Peer Challenges are improvement focussed and tailored to meet individual councils’ needs. They are designed to complement and add value to a council’s own performance and improvement plans.

The Peer Review Team spoke to councillors, officers, partners and stakeholders over a period of four days to look at how we operate and report these findings back to Councillors and the Senior Leadership Team.

The final report of the Review Team set out a series of ten recommendations for actions. We have developed an Action Plan to set out a pathway to delivering the Review Team’s recommendations. Progress of the Action Plan will be reported to our Policy, Resources and Economic Development Committee.

Peer review documents