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Mental health

1 in 4 people will currently be experiencing problems with their mental health. That means that even if you haven't experienced a mental health problem yourself, you almost certainly know many people who have.

Mental health challenge

The Mental Health Challenge has been set up by seven mental health charities working together to improve mental health across England. They are supporting and encouraging local authorities to take a proactive approach to this crucial issue.

We are proud to be the first Council in the Country to have all 37 Members sign up as Mental Health Champions. We are keen to ensure that people with mental health illnesses in our community are supported to access our services and have committed to fulfilling seven aspects of the Mental Health Challenge:

  1. Appoint an elected member as Mental Health Champion across the Council
  2. Identify a lead officer for mental health to link in with colleagues across the Council
  3. Follow the implementation framework for the national mental health strategy where is relevant to the Council's work and local needs
  4. Work to reduce inequalities in mental health in our community
  5. Work with local partners to contribute to better support for people with mental health needs
  6. Promote wellbeing and initiate and support action to promote good mental health
  7. Tackle discrimination on the grounds of mental health in our community

Our Lead Champion is Councillor Olivia Sanders.

For more information, visit The Centre for Mental Health or email

Brentwood community tree

The Community Tree is a group of key organisations working together to support people in our community with mental ill-health.

The group is designed to enable people to access more opportunities for mental wellbeing. Supported by the Brentwood Community Fund, a leaflet has been produced to create more awareness of support services available to help prevent crises from occurring.

You can pick up a leaflet from the Town Hall, local pharmacies, doctors' surgeries and Brentwood Library. You can also visit Essex Community Tree.

In the meantime, if you need support, contact your GP.

Chatty benches

If you're feeling socially isolated, or needing to talk, try out one of our chatty benches, launched benches across the borough. The idea behind the campaign and the prominent signs is to encourage residents to stop and chat together, reduce social isolation, combat loneliness and raise awareness of mental health services in the Borough. Special thanks to Axis Europe, whose team kindly installed the signs at various locations around Brentwood.

If you see someone sitting on one of these benches, do say Hi - you may be the first person they've spoken to in a while.

For more information and local support, visit Essex community tree or Mind.


Counselling Directory lists counsellors and psychotherapists.