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Hospice care

Hospice care improves the lives of people who have a life-limiting illness. It helps them live as actively as they can to the end of their lives, however long that may be. It not only takes care of people’s physical needs, but looks after their emotional, spiritual and social needs as well. Hospice care also supports carers, family members and close friends. 

Hospice care helps people with all sorts of illnesses including cancer, heart failure, lung disease and HIV/AIDS.  Hospices provide care in a number of different places including people’s own homes, day care and inpatient units.  All hospice care is free for patients and their carers, family members and friends.

Your local hospice is Saint Francis Hospice, an independent registered charity employing more than 150 nurses, doctors and specialist care staff working across four local boroughs, including Brentwood.