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Lost and stray dogs

Lost and stray dogs

During the coronavirus pandemic the response from the dog warden may take longer than usual. Wallace Kennels are continuing to accept dogs, however please telephone them beforehand and under no circumstances should you go to the kennels if you are unwell or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

The dog warden continues to collect stray dogs.

Dog owners have a responsibility under the Animals Act 1971 to prevent their dogs from straying or causing injury or damage.

Local councils are legally responsible for taking in stray dogs under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. They must provide suitable kennels and dogs are kept for a minimum of seven days before the possibility of them being re-homed.

Dog warden

The Dog Warden deals with the seizure and detention of stray dogs, the administration of the dog fouling laws and initial complaints about barking dogs. The Dog Warden is also involved in promoting responsible dog ownership.

Our Dog Warden service is available from 8:30am to 5pm on Monday to Thursday and 8:30am to 4:30pm on Friday.

The main responsibilities of the Dog Warden are to:

  • collect stray dogs from the highway and strays that have been taken in by the public
  • carry out patrols of local parks and streets
  • investigate complaints about dog behaviour
  • give information and advice about dog ownership

What to do if you find a stray dog

Return the dog to the owner, if possible. There may be an address or telephone number on the collar or someone locally may know who owns the dog.

During normal office hours - If you can't contact the owner, call 01277 312500 and give details of the dog and where it can be collected.

Outside normal office hours - If you find a stray dog, Wallace Kennels may be able to accept the dog though they can't arrange collections. Make sure to call them on 01277 821032 to make arrangements before transporting any animal. Wallace Kennels can't accept any stray dogs after 5pm.

Stray dog out of hours contact numbers for surrounding councils

If you find a stray dog outside the Borough or you have lost your dog elsewhere you will need to contact the Dog Warden at the relevant council:

What to do if you have lost your dog

Call 01277 312500 and provide as much detail about the dog as possible - breed, colour, age, sex, distinguishing features, collar, tag and any other features - and where and when it went missing.

Contact Wallace Kennels on 01277 821032 to check whether the dog has been handed in by a member of the public.

There are online services which may help you find your missing pet which are not associated with the Council:

How to reclaim your dog if it has been found

If your dog has been impounded by the Dog Warden, a charge will be made for its release, which will include a seizure fee and a kennelling fee. 

Fees 2024

The fees are £75 dog warden fee, plus £25 fine and a daily kennelling charge of £15.

Payment of the fees and charges is required at the time of collection, by cash or cheque supported by a valid cheque guarantee card. To make a payment by phone using your debit or credit card, call the council on 01277 312500. There is no facility at the Kennels for payment by credit or debit card.

Dogs can be collected from Wallace Kennels, Clapgate Estate, Stondon Massey, Brentwood CM15 0LH. Call them on 01277 821032 to check opening times and arrange collection.

What you can do to help

  • Maintain fences and gates to stop your dog getting out.
  • Train your dog so that it is under your control at all times.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with your contact phone number and address.
  • Get your dog chipped and registered via your local veterinary surgeon.