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Community infrastructure levy

Community Infrastructure Levy: Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule consultation

Public consultation on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL): Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule took place between 27 October and 8 December 2016. A consultation report setting out details about the consultation and how people responded will be available to view here shortly.

The consultation document can be viewed below:

There are a number of supporting evidence reports that have informed the production of the charging schedule and are available to view below:

In addition to the above the Council have also produced an update note on the Infrastructure Delivery Plan which is available to view below:


CIL is a locally set charge on new development that authorities can choose to introduce across their area.  It is based on the size and type of development and once set in an area is mandatory to pay and non-negotiable.  The funds raised must be used to provide infrastructure which is required to support new development across the area.

The CIL rates which the Council intends to introduce are published within a Draft Charging Schedule.  CIL Regulations require two stages of consultation before the Draft Charging Schedule can be submitted to government for Examination in Public and then adopted.

For more information on the purpose of the levy and how it is intended to operate in general, please see the Planning Practice Guidance and the legislation.