Shenfield Common is managed by the Conservators of Shenfield Common on behalf of the Lord of the Manor, Lord Courage. The Commons Regulation (Shenfield) Provisional Order Confirmation Act 1881 states the provisions which govern the terms of the Conservators of Shenfield Common.

In 1934 the government transferred the appointment of the Conservators of Shenfield Common to Brentwood Borough Council, however the Chair is nominated by the Lord of the Manor. The membership of the Conservators comprises of Borough Councillors and members of the local community.

It is the priority of the Conservators to safeguard Shenfield Common and they meet on a quarterly basis to consider any issues that are related to the Common.

The Conservators can be contacted by writing to the address or sending an email as detailed below:

The Secretary, Conservators of Shenfield Common, Town Hall, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AY