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War memorial renovation

We are asking residents to contribute views and opinions on a proposed new scheme to improve the surroundings of the War Memorial. Residents have until Monday 28 February to complete the simple questionnaire and note their wishes regarding the memorial.

The proposal is to remove the so-called “crazy” paving around the memorial itself and replace this with a large circular paving area. The two more recent memorials, the post WW2 Memorial, the VC Memorial and the 1914 – 1918 Commemoration Benches, will then be better relocated to the corners of the plot. The WW1 silhouette will also be repositioned within a bed of poppies or other suitable planting which will be maintained by the council.

Brentwood Borough Council Leader, Cllr Chris Hossack said: “The new proposals will ensure that the War Memorial remains central to our borough and accessible to all. We have a very large turnout for our military events and more than a thousand attending Remembrance Day. The renovation plans would make much better use of the space on the site allowing more people to gather there safely at these times. Just a few years ago the council renovated the main stone structure at a cost of £40,000 giving it a new lease of life. This memorial was established in October 1921 with donations from residents from across the borough - or districts as they were then. So it is only fitting that once again our residents’ have their say on the three proposed options. This will allow the council to continue to preserve this much loved and important memorial for posterity”.

View the war memorial proposed renovation (PDF).

If you would like help to complete a paper copy of the questionnaire, contact reception.

The questionnaire will be closed on Monday 28 February with a report incorporating the responses going to Community, Environment and Enforcement Committee on 13 March.

outline of soldier in front of the war memorial
war memorial picture shot from the bottom upwards