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National Grid begins consultation on proposals for a new high voltage electricity

06 July 2023
new high voltage electricity

The National Grid is running a 8-week consultation which shares updated plans for a new 180km electricity transmission line between Norwich and Tilbury to connect offshore wind generation to the grid. 

The route for the new line, which would run mostly overground via 45-50m steel pylons, would pass through parts of Brentwood Borough. The proposals affecting Brentwood Borough can be viewed here.

As part of the consultation, National Grid is holding a public information event at The Brentwood Centre, Doddinghurst Road, on Thursday 6 July from 2-7pm. This is one of a number of information events taking place across the proposed route and will give members of the public the opportunity to find out more about the proposals, view and take away printed materials and speak to experts within National Grids team.

The project is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) which means the Secretary of State needs to approve it through a Development Consent Order (DCO). Brentwood Borough Council is a consultee in this process and as such will be making a representation to this consultation.

If residents are unable to make the Brentwood event, other public information sessions will be taking place in nearby locations, including Chelmsford and Basildon. More details about engagement events and webinars can be found in the drop-down sections of the consultation webpage.

Paper copies of consultation documents are also available to view at Brentwood Borough Council Town Hall and Ingatestone Library.

The consultation will run until 21 August. Visit the National Grid website to find out more about the project and take part in the consultation.