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Brentwood Borough Council launches new and improved Community Connect vehicle

Brentwood Borough Council, in collaboration with Brentwood's Community Safety Partnership (CSP), Brentwood's Health and Well-being Board, and the Rochford and Castlepoint's Health and Well-being Board, is unveiling a new Community Connect vehicle.

The Community Connect vehicle serves as a mobile hub for residents, providing them with access to vital resources, information, and support. From Neighbourhood Watch initiatives to promoting community safety, health and well-being, the dedicated team on board offers assistance and guidance to address a wide range of community needs.

Cllr Dr Tim Barrett, Chair of Housing, Health and Communities Committee said, "We are excited to launch the Community Connect vehicle as part of our ongoing commitment to fostering stronger, healthier, and more connected communities. This initiative represents a collaborative effort with our community partners to ensure that residents have convenient access to the support and resources they need."

The vehicle will visit various areas across the borough, offering residents the opportunity to engage with a friendly team and access a wealth of information and services. The Community Connect team aims to connect residents with local services, activities, and support networks, promoting community cohesion and well-being.

Upcoming Community Connect vehicle dates:


Wednesday 10 April - Brentwood High Street

Tuesday 23 April - Kelvedon Hatch (Nisa shop)


Wednesday 8 May - Doddinghurst (outside shops)

Thursday 16 May - Brentwood High Street

Tuesday 28 May - Shenfield High Street

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