Searching for a planning application

Application documents

All documents that form a planning application or appeal are available online. These include application forms, drawings and other supporting documentation.

Some old files are not available online. If the file is not on online, a paper copy will be held at our offices.

Searching Public Access

If you wish to search for an application please follow the advice in the search screen and use the number that does not include "BRW".  If you are searching for a case that only has BRW reference you can either convert this to the new format (see below) or carry out a search on the address which will reveal all applications on the property.

Converting "BRW" references 

The majority of references are for "full" planning applications.  The following example shows how to convert a "BRW" number for a full application to the new numbering system. Example - application BRW/425/2007 becomes 07/00425/FUL. The main reference number must include 5 digits with 0s being added before the BRW number. 

Other types of application follow the same formula.  In the most common types of application "FUL" is substituted by OUT for outline applications, RES for reserved matters, LBC for listed building applications, TPO for applications related to preserved trees and ADV for applications for advertisement consent.  If in doubt it is recommended that you use the address search facility.

Planning history

The planning history shown in Public Access dates back to 1988, if you wish to view older planning history, you may do so by viewing the planning registers at the Council Offices during normal opening hours.


Plans, drawings and material submitted to the council are protected by the copyright acts (section 47, 1988 act). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner. By clicking on the link below you are agreeing to the above copyright.

View or comment on a planning application

Please note that when viewing applications on Public Access, the tab titled Comments now refers to consultee comments and representations. Correspondence or comments that you send or submit will be available for public viewing and published on the website.  Your name and address will also be published; however personal information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers will not be displayed.  The Council reserves the right to redact comments which it considers to be defamatory.  Representations should be as brief as possible and relevant to the planning merits of the proposal.  Please note that representations are not acknowledged.

Commenting on a planning application

You can comment to support or object to any application that's currently open for consultation. Search for applications using the application number or part of the address. 

We will note all comments and make them available at our Council offices and post them on our website, where they will be available for the public and the applicant to view. Your name, address and comment will be displayed.

Please note:

  • You must include your name and address with your comments (we accept e-mail addresses, so we have a way to contact you regarding your comments if required). We can't accept confidential or anonymous comments. 
  • Please don’t include any other personal information in your comments.
  • When making a comment please make sure that it is not offensive, harmful or untrue, if it is, your comment will be removed from the website.  You are responsible for any statements that you make.
  • Views expressed by third parties on our website are not the views of Brentwood Borough Council

If you need to include information that shouldn’t be public, please make sure you highlight this at the beginning of your comment and we will remove it before the letter is published.

We can’t respond to individual comments, but you can track the progress of the planning application via the planning register.

Comment online

Comment on planning applications 

You are required to have an online account with the Council. If you haven’t already registered or logged in, you will be prompted to before you can leave your comments. Appropriate checks will be made to ensure the authenticity of online accounts and comments posted. Any accounts or comments found to be fraudulent will be removed.

If your comments are lengthy then we advise you to type them into a word processor first and then paste them into the comments form.

What should my comments include?

Your comments can only be properly considered if you give reasons which relate to the planning application and to planning matters.

When considering a planning application it is not whether owners and tenants of nearby properties would experience financial or other loss from a development, but whether the proposal would affect the local buildings and facilities as well as the existing use of land and buildings which should be protected.

Planning applications need to be judged in accordance with adopted development plan documents unless there are relevant planning considerations which suggest otherwise.  Some examples of what are relevant planning considerations and what are not are outlined in the table below.  It is important that your comments stick to the points shown on the left hand side of the table.

Issues that are considered relevant in planning decisions

  • Local development framework
  • Development plan documents
  • Supplementary planning documents
  • The Statement of Community Involvement
  • The annual monitoring report
  • Government planning guidance
  • The Council's corporate policies
  • Highway safety and traffic levels
  • Noise, disturbance and smells resulting from the proposed development
  • Design, appearance and layout
  • Conservation of buildings, trees and open land
  • Flood risk
  • Impact on the appearance of the area
  • Effect on the level of daylight and privacy of existing property
  • Need to safeguard the countryside or protected species of plant or animal
  • Planning case law and previous decisions
  • The need for the development
  • The planning history of the site

Planning considerations which are not relevant

  • Private property rights such as covenants
  • The developer's identity, morals or motives
  • Effect on the value of your property
  • Loss of a private view
  • Private neighbour disputes

View or comment on a planning application 

What happens after I submit my comments?

If you submit your comments online using the online planning register you can track the updates to the application and will be told when a decision has been made.  To do this you need to log into your account, go to the application and then select “track”.

If you have submitted your comments by letter you will not receive a response but your points will be considered and mentioned in the officer’s report.  You will be told if the application is referred to the relevant committee, where you may have the opportunity to speak.