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Planning performance agreement (PPA)

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is a voluntary agreement between a planning applicant and a local planning authority that sets out the actions, resources and timescales for handling a particular planning application.

PPAs can be used at the pre-application stage, the application stage, after a decision has been made, or for any combination of these stages.

PPAs can be used for any type of planning application. They are most effective for large-scale complex proposals but we also offer a simple version for smaller schemes, based on project milestones.

We recommend using our pre-application advice service for all planning proposals.


The advantages for using a PPA include making sure that:

  • important issues and consultees are agreed at an early stage
  • the developer, planning officers and consultees work together in partnership throughout the planning process
  • appropriate planning authority resources and expertise are available throughout
  • continuity and consistency from planning officers and other council consultees is assured
  • development proposals progress according to agreed timescales
  • there is greater accountability, transparency and communication


Costs are dependent on the scale and complexity of the application.

Planning performance agreement fees

  1. The Council's reasonable costs in the appointment of external consultants (such as independent Viability Consultants) to progress the application shall be agreed by the applicant on a case by case basis. All appointments which costs are covered by the applicant will be by mutual agreement, with the Council obtaining quotes and issuing these to the applicant prior to appointment.
  2. The Council's reasonable legal costs incurred in association with the preparation of any S106 Agreement that may commence at pre-application stage. NOTE: The Council will use its discretion to seek to enter a PPA for developments of between 10 and 49 homes and commercial floor space of between 1,000 and 4,499 sqm commercial floor space, where the proposals are of a complex nature and raise issues which would lend themselves to being dealt with through a PPA.