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Working age resident - council tax reduction

General information and how to apply

Council Tax Reduction (CTR) is a new discount scheme for persons of working age which came into effect from 1 April 2020.

To apply for CTR you must:

  • be of working age
  • be liable to pay Council Tax for your property
  • be living in the property as your main home
  • have less than £6000 in savings
  • be living in a property in Council Tax bands A-E (if you do not own your home, then you can also apply in bands F, G and H)

You will be required to upload proof of your National Insurance (NI) number at the time of making an application. Please ensure you have this before proceeding.

To apply for Council Tax Reduction, please complete our online form below:

If you are currently in receipt of CTR and are informing us of a change in your circumstance, please complete the online form below:

You may be issued a penalty of up to £70 if you fail to report a change in your circumstances within two months of the change.

What happens once I have made an application?

If you are awarded CTR we will apply the reduction to your Council Tax account and send you a new bill with the discount included.

Please note we will no longer send you a notification letter detailing your entitlement.

How CTR entitlement is calculated

CTR entitlement is calculated based on a comparison of household income and household size. The below table shows the percentage reduction that will be applied to your Council Tax account based on your household and weekly income.

Households with a disabled member will receive up to 100% council tax reduction.  All other households of working age will receive up to 75% council tax reduction.

Council Tax Reduction entitlement

Household Weekly income
  Disabled £0-£75 £75.01-£150 £150.01-£225 £225.01-£300 £300.01-£375 £375.01-£450
  % % % % % % %
Single with no children 100 75 75 50 25 0 0
Couple with no children 100 75 75 50 25 0 0
Single with one child 100 75 75 50 50 25 25
Couple with one child 100 75 75 50 50 25 25
Single with two or more children 100 75 75 75 50 50 25
Couple with two or more children 100 75 75 75 50 50 25

When calculating your weekly income we ignore child benefit, child maintenance, personal independence payment, disability living allowance, adoption allowance, fostering allowance and bereavement benefits.  If you are working we ignore £20 per week of your net earnings. 

If you qualify for at least 25% reduction based on the above table and you, your partner, or anyone you get child benefit for is disabled, a 100% reduction will apply.

To be classed as disabled, the resident must receive one of the following income types:

  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payments
  • Armed Forces Independence Payments
  • Working Tax Credit with the disability element.
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance including the support component
  • Universal Credit with the Limited Capability for Work
  • Universal Credit with the Limited Capability for Work Related Activity
  • Attendance Allowance

Useful documents

Attachment Type Size
Council Tax Reduction Scheme Policy 2024-25.pdf pdf 944.74 KB