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Community resilience

Emergency incidents do happen, and these can range from the minor; heavy snow and ice blocking side-roads and pavements or the major; widespread flooding incidents resulting in evacuations.

If communities are aware of the risks in their local area and take some time to create simple procedures to prepare as far as reasonably possible against these risks then the effects can be minimized or in some cases removed.

For example many minor risks dealt with at an early stage at the community level can remove or reduce the chance of that risk escalating into a major incident or emergency for example:

  • Clearing snow of paths and side roads and gritting pathways and pavements, keeps the conduits to the main road network clear and allows people to continue on their daily tasks
  • Disseminating risk or risk warning information about severe weather or flooding to people in the local area allows them to take precautions and undertake mitigation measures such as purchasing sandbags or flood protection before the event
  • Keeping a list of the vulnerable, isolated or those with mobility issues expedites any evacuation for the emergency services should one be required

By becoming more resilient, you and your community can complement the work of local emergency responders and reduce the impact of an emergency on your community.

If you think there are opportunities for you and your local community to become more resilient please use the Community Response Procedures Template and accompanying Tool Kit below to investigate and set-out exactly what you and your community can achieve. For further information please see the short introduction Community Resilience presentation below.

Please feel free to adapt and expand the template to suit your own needs. If you have any questions on the procedures or potential roles your community group could undertake to help prepare or respond to risks in your local area, please contact the Brentwood Borough Emergency Planning Team.

Please also visit the other Emergency Planning web pages on this site, where you will be able to find the latest version of Brentwood Major Incident Plan, Community Risk Register & Emergency Preparedness Guide, amongst other guidance documents and information.