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Find your active Brentwood

Supporting residents to lead active lives through the cost-of-living crisis. Find Your Active Brentwood are searching for the best ideas that will help encourage those most at risk of inactivity in the borough to change their behaviour towards a more physically active lifestyle and help make Brentwood a healthier place. You can apply as a group, club or individual.

Choose which type of funding you are eligible to apply for, using the drop down below. There you will find the criteria and more information about applying as a group or as an individual.

What happens once you apply

Once you have sent your application, we will acknowledge receipt of your application and let you know the outcome within two weeks. We will contact you if we need any more information about your application.

If you’re successful, you’ll receive a simple award agreement clarifying the purpose of the grant, the amount, and the conditions of the award. Once the agreement has been signed and processed, you will receive your funding within 30 days.

What you need to do in return for the funding

After the funded period, we will ask you to complete a short form asking you how the funding has enabled you to become more physically active or sustain your activity. You will also need to provide proof of funds, including receipts. This will enable Find your active Brentwood to evidence success of the programme and potentially leverage additional funds to support more residents.

Funding for clubs, groups and organisations

Applications are now closed for this funding

The grants of up to £1,500 is for clubs or organisations who would like extra support starting a new project or class, or need more support with a current project with the overall aim to improve activity levels in the borough.

What we can support

We want to support ideas that help everyone in Brentwood take part in physical activity and improve their health and wellbeing. Whether that’s formal sport, going for a walk or supporting people to connect through physical activity, we want to get people moving.

Our priority is to support activities which reach those most in need or those not currently engaging in physical activity or looking after their health. People may not be active due to a lack of motivation, capability or opportunity and we want to change this. We want to support activities that are relevant, engaging and help people change their behaviour to a more physically active and healthier lifestyle.

We will also consider ideas that contribute to the broader aims of our strategy. We`re particularly interested in ideas that involve groups.

Our strategic priorities of Find Your Active Brentwood

  • Improve health and wellbeing – to change behaviours to reduce inactivity and make a real impact on physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Drive and sustain participation – more people being active and living a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Develop individuals and organisations – enabling people and individuals to develop skills, achieve goals and maximise their potential.
  • Strengthen localities, communities, and networks – raising the profile and impact of physical activity and sport.

What we fund

We know applications can be both daunting and time-consuming and many great ideas can be lost. That’s why we want to start conversations, listen to great ideas (big or small) that will help get Brentwood active. If you would like to discuss your potential project before applying, email

Even if we can`t directly support you, there are other ways we might be able to help. We`ll also be able to advise whether your idea is suitable to be considered through one of several different avenues or provide you with links to other organisations who may be able to support.

You can apply if you are:

  • two or more people applying together
  • a group or club, constituted or un-constituted
  • a voluntary or community organisation
  • a registered charity
  • a not-for-profit company, including companies limited by guarantee, or community interest company
  • a school, college or university
  • a statutory body, including, town, parish and community council

Un-constituted groups are eligible to apply. This could be an existing informal group, or people coming together for the first time. If provided with funding, we’ll ask you to agree to a simple set of rules which will help you run the group, make decisions about your event, activity or purchase, and manage any money given to you. This will only last for the duration of the grant ,if applicable.

Projects must be delivered within the district of Brentwood for residents of Brentwood or those working within the district.

We can’t accept applications from:

  • individuals
  • sole traders
  • organisations that are aimed at generating profits primarily for private distribution
  • organisations based outside the UK
  • one individual or organisation applying on behalf of another
  • people under the age of 18 (Parent or guardian can apply on behalf of under 18s)

You can only be named as a main or second contact on one application. The main and second contact can’t be married, in a civil partnership, in a long-term relationship, living together or related by blood.

What we can’t support

  • Replacement of equipment – we may fund extra equipment if it produces new sporting benefits
  • Items which only benefit an individual – such as bursaries or kit and equipment that is not shared
  • Existing salaries – we may fund coaching costs or fixed term positions needed to meet a specific project requirement
  • The continuation of a project or a project that has taken place before, including those we`ve supported previously
  • Religious activity, although we can support religious organisations if their project benefits the wider community and doesn’t include religious content)
  • Activities that the government has a legal obligation to fund, such as sports sessions at schools within the curriculum
  • Projects that take place or incur costs before the date of the offer letter. This includes any form of deposits and costs associated with applying
  • Projects that involve construction or refurbishment of property, putting up temporary buildings or land improvement
  • Contingency costs and VAT you can recover
  • Sponsorship, endowments or loan repayments
  • Projects involving travel to another county

Funding for individuals

The grant of up to £100 is for individuals' children and adults alike, who need extra support to get into sport or activity and encourage them to lead a more active life. The grant is flexible and can fund a broad range of costs associated with getting people active. We understand that inflation is affecting the cost of equipment, resources and training. Individuals need to live in Brentwood and are currently physically inactive but would like to start an activity or sport.

In your application form, you should provide details of what you will spend the grant on, expected cost and how it will help you get active.

The criteria to apply are:

  • Brentwood residents experiencing difficulties due to the cost-of-living crisis
  • individuals only
  • no age or ability limit, the grant is open to everyone
  • people from lower socio-economic groups
  • those who would like to get into a sport
  • grassroots to professionals
  • currently physically inactive (undertaking less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week)
  • individuals being referred from recognised partner organisations

What we fund

The fund will help those living in Brentwood on a low income to access physical activity opportunities by removing some short-term financial barriers. You can use the fund to support the following costs:

  • Travel, such as public transport to get to a club which you currently can’t afford
  • Equipment, including but not limited to, personal items to enable physical activity such as running trainers, sports bras, bats and balls or bike helmets.
  • Membership or Subscriptions, including but not limited to sports club or gym memberships
  • Subs or Pay As You Go, including but not limited to paying for exercise classes, swimming sessions or sports club training, events or match fees

How much you can apply for

The maximum award for an individual or household will be £200, however, we would like to make several smaller awards from £50 to £200 to make sure we reach as many people living in Brentwood as possible. If you’re applying for travel, membership or fees, we don’t expect to make awards for more than 12 weeks or sessions. If you’re a group or club applying on behalf of one of your members, we will expect to see evidence that you have put in reasonable measures to ensure the individual can continue to take part at your club despite a change in their financial position.