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How people are having their say


Between May – August 2020 we undertook extensive consultation to understand how you wanted the new village to look and feel. The information you provided has informed the preparation of the draft Supplementary Planning Document is summaries in the co-design summary report here. 

We have now drafted the Supplementary Planning Document and we will be consulting on the document later this year. We will be working with the community through our Youth Forum, Community Forum and via online channels to make sure we have got it right.  

There are complex challenges in planning a new garden community, which are too great to be tackled by a single discipline or stakeholder. It’s more than just inviting designers or engineers into the process and is about involving end users, customers, patients and other community stakeholders, to confront the big issues and co-create a solution or outcome for DHGV. The co-design approach enables a wide range of people to make a creative contribution in the formulation and outcome of Dunton Hills Garden Village. 

Youth forum

The Dunton Hills Garden Village Education Programme aims to ensure young people of a variety of ages, backgrounds and abilities are encouraged and supported in the placemaking process as they are key stakeholders and custodians of the future village.

The aim of the engagement programme is to work with local schools and youth groups to explore thoughts, ideas and needs, and feed these findings directly into policy considerations, village masterplanning and the Supplementary Planning Document, and informing thinking beyond the new garden village. 

A range of workshops and site visits have been undertaken with local schools and these will continue to help inform how Dunton Hills is planned for the future. 

A Youth Engagement Toolkit has been prepared in conjunction with University of Birmingham. This outlines how to engage with younger people in planning and design.

Community forum

We all have an idea about how we want to live, what sort of a place we’d like to live in and what opportunities that place may offer us, such as access to green spaces, leisure activities and transport. Yet we all have varying needs and ideas.  How can we work together to create a place that considers these varying needs and leave a legacy of community co-design, co-delivery, fostering a vibrant and cohesive community spirt and stewardship?  

The development of the garden village allows for a unique opportunity for communities to work together to co-design a new place. The community co-design of the garden village is essential to realising the Spatial Vision. Working closely with the local community will enable a strong sense of place and identity to be developed and social wellbeing to be fostered. 

The Brentwood Garden Village Community Forum starts this co-design process and enables these discussions to take place, initially shaping the Supplementary Planning Document with the intent to evolve over time as people start living in the new village. 

If you are interested in joining the Forum and getting involved in planning for Dunton Hills Garden Village, please email: