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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Statement of Modifications

The Council are preparing a CIL Charging Schedule which sets out the amount certain kinds of development are required to pay to fund new and improved infrastructure.

Consultation on the Draft CIL Charging Schedule took place between the 12 October until 9 November 2022. Representations received from consultees have been taken into consideration and modifications to the Draft CIL Charging Schedule have been made. More information on this consultation can be found on the Council's CIL Consultation page.

The Statement of Modifications, which details the changes made to the Draft CIL Charging Schedule since it was published in September 2022, was included as appendix to the committee report presented to the Policy, Resources and Economic Development Committee (Item 385, Appendix C), at its meeting on the 8 March 2023, regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy Submission. This Statement of Modifications is produced in accordance with Regulation 19 of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended) and is available to view below.

Submission of the CIL Draft Charging Schedule for Examination

The CIL Regulations (19(4)) require that an opportunity is provided to all those who were invited to comment on the Draft CIL Charging Schedule to make further representations, to the appointed CIL Examiner, on the Statement of Modifications.

The Council submitted its Draft CIL Charging Schedule for Examination on the 23 March 2023. This Statement of Modifications has been duly sent to all consultation bodies invited to make representations.